Freestanding Gas Braais

Please use this product list as reference only as our catalogue continually expands.
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4 Burner Griller with roasting hood
by: Homefires

The 3 and 4 burner hooded grillers have the same features as the flat top grillers. Additionally, the hood allows one to use the convection of the unit to roast anything from chops to a turkey for Christmas.
The unique combination of the infra-red ceramic back burner and the roasting hood makes cooking whole chickens or a leg of lamb, perfectly a very easy job. A battery operated ignition system which ignites every burner individually is standard.
A back burner for the trouble free use of the rotisserie and a side burner are standard issue. The rotisserie kit is optional.
These models are only available on the trolley and they are either manufactured from a mixture of stainless steel and powder coated steel or just stainless steel and aluminium alloy. The trolley includes a cabinet compartment. The trolley is the only component requiring assembling.
Mixing and matching of surfaces and accessories allow the creative chef to “braai” any meal imaginable on these grillers.


Flat Top Griller 3 & 4 Burner
by: Homefires

The flat top 3 and 4 burner flat top grill is standard equipped with two cast iron grillers.
An optional cast iron griddle can be added to allow you a stir-fry and a grill at the same time.
These models feature cast iron burners, piezo ignition, a dust cover, and a steel drip tray.


Trolley Flat Top Griller 3 & 4 Burner
by: Homefires

Both the 3 burner flat top and the 4 burner flat top griller are available with or without a trolley.
The trolley is powder coated with a hard wood side table on either side.
The trolley allows one to hook a 9kg LPG gas cylinder onto the trolley for easy manoeuvrability.
The trolley is the only component requiring assembling.


Gas Trolley Braais
by: Multibraai

Our trolley braais use our robust Counter Top Grills complete with ovens and are mounted on a sturdy trolley.
They are capable of using accessories such as our Stir Fry Pans, Rotisserie Baskets or the Roasting Dome, making them both a versatile cooker as well as a highly sought after braai.
A 9kg gas bottle will attach to the trolley making the unit easily moveable.


Gas Drum Braai
by: Multibraai

This mobile gas cooker is ideal for the person who entertains a lot or for the professional caterer.
The unit comes standard with a 220v motor capable of handling 25kg in meat weight, and a stainless steel sheep spit c/w 3 meat brackets.
The heavy duty gas burner is equipped with a flexible hose and regulator, enabling you to simply attach a 9kg gas bottle to the trolley, connect the regulator and be cooking.