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Firefox has been making wood & charcoal braais and open wood fires since 1998.

The unique moulded frame on their units has given them a distinctive look much sought after by developers and private clients.

700 Contractors - Charcoal
by: Firefox


This braai is a new addition to the range. It embodies a simplistic mild steel Braai Box with a 50mm flat steel frame around the unit and a simple charcoal tray and stainless steel grill.

As with all Firefox built in braais it incorporates a light fitting, so that you can see what you are cooking after dusk.


Economy & Deluxe Built In Braais - Charcoal
by: Firefox

Firefox make a range of 5 built in braais, ranging from 700mm up to 1500mm for the serious braaier. They come as standard in mild steel with the moulded frame that has been synonymous with the brand for many years.

The Economy range features a charcoal tray, stainless steel grill, poker tool and built in light fitting. You have the option of fitting doors later should you require.

The Deluxe range has in addition to the Economy units a charcoal starter, upper and lower door, potjie hook, mild steel warming tray and separate ash tray.

The lower door is able to operate as a table to hold yFirefox's braai meat, spices etc.

The charcoal starter is great at getting charcoal/wood ready to braai much quicker than starting it in the charcoal tray; and enables you to continuously feed charcoal into the braai if you are catering for larger numbers. No stopping the braai whilst charcoal is re-kindled.

The Deluxe Braai Box and inners are available, made completely in grade 304 Stainless Steel, c/w an 80mm flat frame. Brilliant for coastal applications or for where the client wants greater durability or enhanced looks.

It is also available with the Braai Box made in mild steel and the frame and doors made in Stainless Steel. Great for that visual effect or enhanced durability.


Spit Braai - Charcoal
by: Firefox

Firefox make a built in mild steel Spit Braai capable of doing small roasts, up to a sheep on a spit.

Based on their 1200mm and 1500mm Deluxe Braais with in addition a motor box, 220v electrical motor and spit. The motor is capable of handling carcass weights up to 25kg.

As with the Deluxe Charcoal Braais both the Spit & Combo Braais are available made completely in grade 304 Stainless Steel or with the combination of the Mild Steel Braai Box c/w Stainless Steel Doors and Frame.


Built In Firebox - Wood
by: Firefox

Firefox's open steel fire boxes are designed to be built into a brick chimney. They have a convection heating system, through which cold air is drawn into the rear of the fire, warmed and brought back into the room as warm air.

They come in a choice of 3 sizes and are supplied as standard with a grate and pan and a poker tool to set the adjustable damper control.

They come as standard with the moulded frame for which Firefox has become so well known.


Damper Units - Wood or Gas
by: Firefox

There is a call from people wanting to have an open fire that looks like a traditional brick fireplace. To build this type of fire to not smoke, involves some complexity in building a smoke shelf and chimney of the right proportions.

Firefox's steel Damper units come in a range of sizes from 700mm to 1500mm wide. They have all the right sizes and proportions to collect the smoke and push it up the chimney.

They are built into the brick chimney directly above the fireplace opening, so that they are not visible from the room. This gives the effect of an open brick fireplace without the worry of going the more complex brickwork route.

In addition to the ease of installation, Firefox's Damper units have an adjustable chimney control designed to maximize heat from the fire. A considerable improvement over a normal brick fireplace.